Scholarship Opportunity

The Women in Business group of Northern Kane County Chamber is trying to get more applications for their scholarship program.

This scholarship is directly supporting the students within District 300 or affiliated with the chamber of commerce.

Please see the link below for more information

Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce
20 S. Grove Ave. Ste 101 ~ Carpentersville
847-426-8565 ~ Fax: 847-426-1098
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Position of Village Clerk

The position of Sleepy Hollow Village Clerk was not filled in the recent municipal election. This is a part time position with some flexibility and an annual salary of $6,000.  The main duties of the clerk are attendance at village board meetings, committee meetings and public hearings, and preparation of minutes from those meetings. The Village Clerk also maintains the village records and has other responsibilities. This position will be filled through appointment by the President and Board of Trustees. If you would like more details on this position, leave your contact information at the Village Hall or email Norine at

Refuse collection invoices for 4th quarter 2017

Groot Industries is aware that they erroneously sent out invoices for service period Oct 2017-Dec 2017 and they have already issued credit against those invoices, including the finance charge. They apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this error has caused. An invoice for service period Jan 2018-March 2018 will be issued in December.

Thank you.

New 2017 Kane County Recycles Guide

Hello all,
We have printed the new Kane County Recycles Guide early this year, so that it will be an annual (calendar year) guide. We used to publish it in conjunction with Earth Day in April, but since the annual event schedule is out in January it makes more sense to publish in January! We will plan to do the same for the coming years.

We are preparing the mailings and shipments today and you should have yours sometime this week. Please get rid of/recycle all of last year’s guides (2016-2017) and fill your racks with the new guide.

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You may also access the electronic version here.

Kane County 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

The Kane County Division of Transportation is in process of updating the County’s 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. The Transportation Plan is a blueprint for the County to address the transportation and mobility needs for those living and working in Kane County over the next 20 years. A key activity in the planning update process is an interactive online survey seeking input from residents, workers, employers and travelers throughout the County.
The survey will be open through December 5th and is available in both English and Spanish languages. You will be asked to prioritize transportation issues and rank priorities. There is also an interactive map to mark locations and provide feedback on issues and locations that may be of concern to you. The feedback we receive informs the plan and could have an impact on how transportation funds are prioritized for the future.  
Any questions?  Please email or contact Jennifer Becker, Project Manager, Kane County Division of Transportation at (630) 444-2957.

West Nile Virus Information

Download (PDF, 66KB)

Additional information about West Nile virus and Zika virus can be found on the Kane County Health Department’s Web site or the lllinois Department of Public Health’s Web site at and

QuadCom adds texting to area emergency services


By: Erin Sauder
Elgin Courier-News

QuadCom is the latest dispatch center to give area residents another means to reach the call center in an emergency.

Beginning March 1, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon customers living in or traveling through the QuadCom service area may be able to use their cell phones to send a text when making a 911 voice call isn’t possible.

The multi-agency emergency dispatch center serves the villages of Barrington Hills, Carpentersville, East Dundee, Sleepy Hollow, South Barrington and West Dundee.

“Text-to-911 is beneficial for our residents and especially important for those with speech or hearing impairments,” said Elizabeth A. Heitkamp, director of QuadCom. “We are excited to be able to offer this service.”

QuadCom officials have been engaged in the process of establishing the text-to-911 service since early 2015.

Making a voice call is still the most efficient way to get access to emergency services, Heitkamp said. Customers should use the texting option only when calling 911 is not an option.

West Dundee Fire Chief Randy Freise agreed.

“It’s a good thing to have that capability, especially for people who are in a situation where they can’t talk or are having a hard time breathing,” he said. “But I would emphasize it’s still better to actually call in and talk to the operator who can ask questions, get a sense of what’s going on, and the urgency of the situation. But if someone can’t talk they can use texting as another option to get help.”

Text messages should include clear location information, along with the nature of the emergency, according to QuadCom officials.

Unlike 911 voice calls, emergency personnel will not be able to determine location information for a customer sending a text message, nor will they be able to speak with the person sending the text to quickly ascertain their location. Abbreviations and slang should never be used with text messages to 911.

Because of limitations of text message routing, location of texter, carrier and other factors, not all text messages from customers within the service area will be routed to QuadCom, officials said. Instead, people may receive a bounce back message from their carrier. If a text to 911 for an emergency is not answered in a timely manner, customers should make a voice call to 911.

More information regarding text-to-911 can be found on the National Emergency Number Association website at and the Federal Communications Commission website at

Erin Sauder is a freelance reporter.

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