LWV Candidate Forum February 25th at Dundee Township Senior Center

The Rutland-Dundee Township Committee of the Elgin Area League of Women Voters will host a Candidate Forum on Thursday, February 25th at 7:00 p.m. in the Dundee Township Park District Senior Center at 665 Barrington Ave., Carpentersville. Candidates in contested primary races for Illinois State Representative District 66 (in Kane and McHenry Counties), Kane County Board Chairman, Auditor and Coroner, and Kane County Board District 24 have been invited. For more information, call Carol Grom at 847-428-4064.

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How much more property tax revenue is being requested for voter approval?
Village NEEDs an INCREASE of $228,000 yearly for three years through FY2020
Village Board is asking for $180,000 increase from $553,805 to $733,805.

Why ask for $180,000 when the Village needs $228,000?
Village NEEDS a “YES” vote on this referendum.
“YES” means sufficient funds to cover operating costs through FY2019
“YES” means $60,000 for Roads and $28,000 for Capital Improvements
“YES” short one vote means adverse impacts going forward:
1) Village services will be decreased.
2) Personnel levels will be reduced.
3) Remaining employees’ hours and compensation may be reduced.

What happens after FY2019?
Finances will be reviewed again.
Projected revenue and/or expenses will be re-forecasted for variances.
Another tax referendum may or may not be necessary at that time.

Why is Sleepy Hollow’s Board of Trustees asking voters for a tax hike?
Projected deficit = $567,000 from May, 2016 through April, 2020
General Fund reserve account will decrease to just over one month’s funding by April, 2020

What is driving the deficits?
Four primary reasons are driving the Village’s budget deficits:

1. DECLINING UTILITY TAXES are projected to FALL almost $100,000 from $245,000 in FY2013 to $148,000 in FY2020 — due to residents dropping land line phones and cable.

2. The Village’s share of Local Government Distributive Funds from state income taxes is projected to DECREASE $82,000 (25%) — from an annual rate of $327,000 to $245,000.

3. SALES TAXES from sharing agreements with Elgin (for development west of Randall Rd.) began DECREASING in January, and will drop about $42,000 from $89,000 in FY2015 to $47,000 in FY2020.

4. The Village has been living off reserves for 8 years with the Capital Improvement Fund DECREASING $578,000 from $765,000 to $187,000.

How much would the Village portion of my tax bill go up?
The Village portion of a residents’ tax bill is only 5.7% of the total tax bill. If successful, the Village tax rate would go from 0.610790% of the equalized assessed value in 2014 to 0.809311% in 2016. Increasing the levy by $180,000 would be an additional 1.2% on the market value of a resident’s property to 4.7%. For a property with an assessed value of $200,000, the Village portion of a resident’s tax bill would go up about $132.00 (about $11.00 a month).

To the Residents of Sleepy Hollow

To the residents of Sleepy Hollow:

My name is Dennis Fudala. I am a Trustee and also a resident of Sleepy Hollow. I wanted to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of our current financial situation in the Village. The situation is as follows – we are starting to have a difficult time keeping the Village afloat financially, such as meeting services, etc. We have an excellent team of financial people on our boards, but we think it has become time to reach out to you, so that just maybe there might be someone who has valid ideas that we have as of yet not considered. Please feel free to send any ideas you may have to generate funds to keep our Village in our hands.


Click here to Contact Village Officials with Your ideas

Protect My Town

Keep your tax money where it belongs!

Your neighbors, senior citizens, families and local officials in cities and villages across Illinois are fighting efforts that would take your local tax dollars to solve the state’s budget issues.

How can YOU help? Voice your support and help safeguard your tax dollars. Send a letter to your state legislators and the Governor today, at http://www.ProtectMyTown.com

Ensuring that Local Tax Dollars Stay in Our Communities
with Downers Grove Mayor Martin T. Tully, President of The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference.

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