Past Winners

The 2022 Contest Winners

1st: Victor Varney - No Leftovers

2nd: Shelia Knapp - Brain Sauce 22

3rd: Kali Haase - Spartan Chili

The 2021 Contest Winners

1st: Victor Varney

2nd: Hans Meng

3rd: Shelia Knapp

The 2020 Contest Winners

No contest in 2020

The 2019 Contest Winners

1st: Brad Kost

2nd: John Janikowski

3rd: Ingrid Feldman

The 2018 Contest Winners

1st: Kurt Ehmann - Wassaja Chili

2nd: Victor Varney - BigV’s revenge

3rd: Cindy Fitzgerald - Mild manor mama

The 2017 Contest Winners

1st: Kurt Ehmann - ILLINI Chili

2nd: Darren Knapp - Darren’s KnightMare II

3rd: Andrew Schnell - Papa’s Best

The 2016 Contest Winners

1st: Pat Ehmann - Mom’s Day Off

2nd: Victor Varney - Big V’s Chili

3rd: Kurt Ehmann - Pit Smoked Chili

The 2015 Contest Winners

1st: Darren Knapp - Darren’s Dastardly Deed

2nd: Kurt Ehmann - Double K

3rd: Mary Ehmann - Hotter than your mixtape

The 2014 Contest Winners

1st: Sapna Desai - Cock the Walk

2nd: Christine Florance - Chunky Chipotle Chili

3rd: Jan Herron - Monster

The 2013 Contest Winners

1st: Darren Knapp - Darren’s Death Knell 2

2nd: Carolyn Litton - Ichabod’s Elixir

3rd: Kurt Ehmann - Rejected

The 2012 Contest Winners

1st: Kurt Ehmann - Triple B

2nd: Judy Liberty - Bourbon Fire

3rd: Jan Herron - Not your Mummy’s Chili
3rd: Darren Knapp - Darren’s Death Knell

The 2011 Contest Winners

1st Place Pie: Winifred Hazucha - Apple Streusel Pie

1st Place Chili: Carolyn Litton - Goblin It Up

2nd Place Chili: John Florance - Under Pressure Chili

3rd Place Chili: John Janikowski - Sweet and Sassy