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In an effort of be fiscally responsible, the Village does not have a full-time Building Department, however, we have contracted the services of International Codes Consultants and Inspections, Inc. (ICCI) to meet the needs of our community. Applications for Building Permit may be obtained from the Village Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. For your convenience, there is an envelope with blank Application for Permits secured to the front door of the Village Hall. Below is a sample of the Application for Building Permit that demonstrates the typical information required for the application. Once completed, please return the Application to the Village Hall or drop it off in the after hours red "Payment Drop Box" in front of the Village Hall. When approved, you will be contacted by ICCI to pick up the permit at the Village Hall during regular business hours. The cost of the permit varies based on the scope of the project and an administrative fee is added to the cost of the permit. See Supporting Documents below for the latest amendment to Building Regulations. Also see Supporting Documents below for the most current Building Permit Fee Schedule. For more information, please contact ICCI directly at 630-551-ICCI (4224).

The Building Department is responsible for:

  • Issuing permits
  • Reviewing and approving plans
  • Inspecting for compliance of applicable building codes
  • Ensuring zoning compliance

The following most common projects require a permit:

  • New construction, renovations, additions, and structural modifications
  • Building or interior demolition
  • Siding, windows, and exterior door installation
  • Patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Retention walls
  • Extensive landscaping
  • Sewer & water connection or repairs
  • Detached structures, garages, sheds, gazebos
  • Roofing, skylights, daylighting pipes, solar panels
  • All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical modifications
  • Backup generators
  • Changes in topography, when 10 or more cubic yards of fill are involved
  • Driveways and fences

The most common Village Code violations include:

  • Performing work without a permit
  • Unpermitted filling of low spots with soil & other changes in elevation
  • Unpermitted changes to stormwater drainage

Related Questions

Can I install a fence?

Generally, fences are not allowed in Sleepy Hollow. A small dog enclosure is allowed and certain other fences. Below you will find the village ordinances related to fences:

  • One swimming pool fence covered by section 7-4-7-4 of this Code.
  • One patio fence, provided it is located no farther than three feet from the patio and does not exceed six feet in height. The patio fence must be adjacent to the building, not longer than the adjacent side of the building and located behind the building setback. It shall have an outside entrance, and shall be constructed of nonmetallic or nonplastic material.
  • One deck fence, provided it is located on the deck or abutting the deck and extends not more than four feet above the deck. The deck fence must be adjacent to the building, not longer than the adjacent side of the building and located behind the building setback. It shall be constructed of nonmetallic or nonplastic material. A deck railing, as distinguished from a deck fence, shall be permitted in place of a deck fence; no separate building permit shall be required for construction of a deck railing.
  • One fenced in dog run containing not more than 144 total square feet in area, the fence therefor being not less than four feet in height and being not more than six feet in height; and no part of any such dog run being within 15 feet of any property line.

I am replacing my driveway. Does the Village replace the culvert under it?

Unfortunately no. Per Village Ordinance 6-2-3, the homeowner is responsible for the swale (ditch along the road) and the culverts (pipes under the driveway) that are adjoining to their property. When a driveway is replaced, the culvert is almost always replaced and upgraded to current code which may include flares at each end. Please contact the Building Department for more information.

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