The patch of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department showing the headless horseman in front of a barn


Welcome to the homepage of the Village of Sleepy Hollow Police Department. This website contains information about the police department today, programs, special features, various business with the police department, and frequently asked questions, among other resources.

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You can call the police department for assistance anytime at 847-426-4425.

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How do I contest a ticket?

Please see "Review of an Ordinance Citation" for specific information on contesting tickets received from the Village.

How do I obtain a Sleepy Hollow Police Department shoulder patch?

Unfortunately, due to the cost of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department’s shoulder patch and post-September 11 security concerns, we are not able to provide patches.

How do I pay my citation?

PV citations (citations issued for a violation of a Village of Sleepy Hollow ordinance) may be paid in person at the Village of Sleepy Hollow Police Department, deposited in the red drop box on the driveway to Village Hall, or now paid through our On-line Payment System. Online payments must post on or before the due date at close of business (3:30 PM) to avoid late fees.  NOTE: IF YOUR CITATION DOES NOT START WITH THE LETTERS "PV", YOU CANNOT PAY THROUGH THE VILLAGE ONLINE WEBSITE BUT MUST BE PAID THROUGH THE COUNTY WEBSITE.  SEE THE PAYMENT PAGE FOR EXAMPLES FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION or CONTACT US AT 847-426-4425.

I'm planning a neighborhood block party. Do I have to notify the Police Department?

Yes! All neighborhood block parties must be approved by the Sleepy Hollow Police Department. A Block Party Request can be picked up at the Police Department or found on the Village's website. The completed form must be returned to the Police Department in person or by mail.

The Police Department will contact the Sleepy Hollow Public Works Department to have any needed barricades dropped off for use at the block party. If you should have any questions concerning block parties, please call the Police Department at 847-426-4425.

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