Services Summary

The following information should answer the most common questions regarding Sleepy Hollow services. Any additional questions, please call the Village Hall at (847) 426-6700, which is located on Sleepy Hollow Road and Thorobred Lane. It is opened Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Water & Sewer payments are also accepted here or you may mail them or drop them into the red Payment Drop Box that is conveniently located in the driveway entrance to the Village Hall. For payments please visit Payments. For water and/or sewer questions, please contact Wendy at woneill [at]

Sleepy Hollow is in the Rutland Dundee Township Fire District. There are two stations in this district. One is located within the Village limits and the other in Gilberts, two miles west of the Village of Sleepy Hollow.

Mail is distributed through the Dundee Post Office but the mailing address is Sleepy Hollow, ll. 60118. All registration of vehicles and driver licenses should reflect this.

Groot Industries provides street side garbage & recyclable pick-up to all single-family homes on Thursdays. All residents will be billed by Groot on a monthly basis.