The Service Club is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other residents who share a vision of a better place for a families to live and grow. If you are interested in helping make a positive impact on life in the Sleepy Hollow area (and having some fun in the process), check out the Service Club’s New Member Night on October 3 at 8 pm or at one of our regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month except January and July. The meetings are held at Diamond Jim's in East Dundee at 7:30 pm on the 2nd floor. More information about upcoming meetings and events can be found on the Club’s Events page.

Membership in the Service Club is open to head of households who are residents of Sleepy Hollow. Non-residents can participate as non-voting, associate members.

Not interested in becoming a member? How about volunteering for one of our four annual celebrations? There are no membership requirements to be a volunteer, just come to the event. Many event volunteers only work two hours a year but those 2 hours are a great help to the regular members who, besides working the events, also do set up and tear down. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering, please call or text the Service Club at (224) 484-0009.