Finance Department

The department is responsible for the proper accounting, budgeting/financial reporting of all Village Funds, establishment/monitoring of internal controls, preparation/coordination of the annual budget, long term financial forecast and capital planning processes. The department is also responsible for the annual audit of Village financial data, preparing annual tax levies, cash receipt collections, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and billing, utility billing and collection and reception duties for incoming calls and visitors to Village Office. Purchasing also falls under the supervision of the department.

Part of our job is to assist residents in understanding their local government's revenues and expenditures. The department also provides financial reports and analyses to assist the Village Board of Trustees and operating departments in their decision making. Current financial documents are available online below. Historical documents may be provided upon request. For various payments to the Village, please see the Payments page for further information.

Fiscal Year 2024 Budget at a glance
FY2024 Budget General Fund Operating Revenues   FY2024 Budget General Fund Operating Expenses
  Amount % To Total     Amount % To Total
PROPERTY TAXES $900,516 42.8   ADMINISTRATIVE $272,573 13.0
SHARE OF STATE TAXES 646,137 30.7   POLICE 1,261,774 60.0
UTILITY TAXES 175,000 8.3   PARKS & RECREATION 106,005 5.0
LICENSES 147,500 7.0   VILLAGE PROPERTY 41,758 2.0
FINES & FORFEITURES 50,400 2.4   STREETS & HIGHWAYS 257,293 12.2
SALES TAXES 105,000 5.0   CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS 164,000 7.8
PERMITS/OTHER 79,000 3.8     $2,103,403 100.0
  $2,103,553 100.0        


Property Tax Distribution for a Typical Home in Sleepy Hollow

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Pie chart of property tax distribution
  Tax Amount % To Total
School District 300 $4,017.64 63.0
Village of Sleepy Hollow $545.28 8.6
Rutland Dundee Fire $457.12 7.2
Park District $386.78 6.1
Elgin College 509 $340.58 5.3
Kane Co $265.69 4.2
Fox River Valley Public Library $128.53 2.0
Forest Preserve District $108.28 1.7
Dundee Twp Road Dist $67.77 1.0
Dundee Township $54.19 0.9
Total $6,371.86 100.0

Does the Village accept payments by credit card?

YES, but... While it is possible to make a payment to the Village by credit card, the Village uses a third-party vendor that will add a processing fee based on the amount of the payment. The Village does not set or have any control over this processing fee. Due to PCI Compliance, the Village does not have a credit card reader. There are QR codes posted in the Office that may be scanned using a smartphone, directing the user to the payment site. 

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