Illinois Premise Alert Program

Effective August 28th, 2009, the Illinois Premise Alert Program Act (96-0788) became law. This Act is to ensure that consistently high levels of public safety services are available to all members of the state, including people who may require special consideration in order to access services.

This program shall seek to afford people with disabilities or special needs or both the same access to public safety workers in responding to and assisting those people with special needs or disabilities or both with whom they will have contact in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

The ability to effectively deal with special needs individuals is enhanced with knowledge or information. The ability to identify special needs individuals, their places of employment, educational facilities and residences are valuable resources in instances when or if an emergency response by law enforcement or fire protection personnel or both are needed.

The Sleepy Hollow Police Department is a participant in this act. As a Village of Sleepy Hollow resident and completing a permission slip about your special needs, your information is placed in a file with the Sleepy Hollow Police. Your name, telephone number, and information about your disability or special needs will enable emergency personnel to recognize that your call may require special handling.

This information will be entered into our Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) database. When a telecommunicator types in an address and an Illinois Premise Alert has been attached to that address, the telecommunicator will observe extra information about any special needs.

Information will remain confidential and used only by our Police and Fire Department and the 9-1-1 personnel who serve the village of Sleepy Hollow. The provision of special needs information will not result in preferential treatment.

Click the below link for the Illinois Premise Alert Enrollment Form.