Block Party Request Form

Block Parties are permitted within the Village with conditions. All neighborhood block parties must be approved by the Sleepy Hollow Police Department by completing a Block Party Request form and dropping it off or mailing it to the Sleepy Hollow Police Department.  The Police Department will contact the Sleepy Hollow Public Works Department to have any needed barricades dropped off for use at the block party. If you should have any questions concerning block parties, please call the Police Department at 847-426-4425.

General Conditions:
  1. Parkways may be used, however, no nets, etc. are allowed to cross the street. Residents responsible for all damage to Village property. Through streets are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may result in denial.
  2. Block parties may block cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets. Barricades must be portable. Emergency vehicles must have immediate access. Requests must include a map showing the proposed location of the block party and all barricades.
  3. All residents on the street must be invited to or be in agreement to the party.
  4. Just one (1) person must be in charge. Name, address, and telephone number must be supplied to the Police Department. The telephone number must be manned at all times.
  5. Party is subject to laws (i.e., loud music, disorderly conduct). If a complaint is received regarding minor violations, the Police Department will notify the person in charge with a warning by telephone. If a second complaint or serious violation is received and verified by an officer, you will be requested to have the party disband and/or moved inside.
  6. Party must be off the street by dark.
  7. Block parties are only authorized by the Chief of Police or his designee.
  8. Barricades may be requested, however, the Police Department does not guarantee the placement of barricades and accepts no responsibility for the roads being barricaded.
  9. Police or Fire department may be requested, however, there is no guarantee that they will be able to visit. The Fire Department must be contacted directly at 847-426-2522.
  10. The person in charge is responsible for clean-up of the area after the block party. ALL DEBRIS MUST BE REMOVED AT THE END OF THE BLOCK PARTY.