City of Elgin Announces Elevated Levels of Lead

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There have been recent news reports of lead affecting certain residences in the City of Elgin. While the Village of Sleepy Hollow purchases our water supply from Elgin, this issue does NOT affect our Village. The City of Elgin provides clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to Sleepy Hollow. Lead is NOT present in Elgin's treated drinking water that it supplies to the Village. Some homes and buildings in the City of Elgin, however, have water service lines, solder, and fixtures made of lead. Elgin recently found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes/buildings in Elgin. Elgin takes samples every six months as part of its routine water quality sampling. The Village of Sleepy Hollow does NOT have any lead service lines. Therefore, this issue does NOT affect the Village of Sleepy Hollow. For more information on the issue in the City of Elgin, see the attached public notice and brochure.